Friday, September 20, 2013

You probably have read this...

... but it's still worth a share! Elisa of Isis' Wardrobe is participating in the Court Ensembles project by making the Swedish National Costume for herself and has recently written about the pattern and construction of the ladies gala court dress. Needless to say I admire her work very much and I am happy that I'll be a part of a sibling project with our gentleman's ensemble.

As you can see, there's a photo of her husband in the very same gala ensemble we're going to recreate! This is so exciting! And a bit daunting as well, since this outfit has already been beautifully done by another costumer (actually by several other costumers, I think). Let's see how ours will turn out...

But apropos other costumers who have worked on the "nationella dräkten": do you own, have you made or have you seen pictures of a gentleman's gala court ensemble? I'd love to see some photos! And of course, I'm very interested in other versions of the National Dress as well.


  1. How exiting that you are going to make the men's gala version. It really hasn't been made so many times, most go for the black/red version. There are a Picture of an original gala version in these two Pinterest albums, as well as many other pictures of the national suit:

    Also, Eva Bergman's book about the national suit is available as a pdf-file here:,d.bGE

    My husband's suit is made by Carina Rosén who is a member of the Society of Gustafs Skål and she knows a lot about the national suit.

  2. Thank you so much for the information! Your husband's suit looks wonderful.

    I know there are actually quite a few extant gentlemen's gala suits around, will have to post about them at some point...

    We considered other colour combinations as well, but then again the gala version is the most formal; you know, in spirit it's closest to the French court ensembles... Actually I think I'll have to post about documented and extant variants with different colour combinations as well.